A Rose by any Other Name

In the Victorian era, everyone knew that flowers had meaning. Find ways to work flowers into your home, your life and your wardrobe—it will lift not only your spirits, but the spirits of those around you.

flowers decor

Below is a short list of the meaning of flowers, just a few, so you can start creating your own bouquets that will tell a secret story.

Azalea: abundance

Baby’s Breath: festivity

Camellia: graciousness

Daffodil: chivalry

Forget-Me-Not: remember me forever

Gardenia: joy

Hyacinth: sincerity

Iris: inspiration

Jasmine: grace and elegance

Lilac: first love

Marigold: desire for riches

Nasturtium: patriotism

Orchid: delicate beauty

Peony: healing

Queen Anne’s Lace: delicate femininity

Rose, pink: friendship

Sunflower: adoration

Tuberose: pleasure

Violet: faithfulness

Wisteria: steadfast

Yarrow: good health

Zinnia: thoughts of friends


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