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Victorian Decor: About Antique Beds

If the public rooms of the Victorian home were all show, the private rooms—most particularly the bedrooms—were sanctuaries. Although bedrooms … Continue reading

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How to Select a Chandelier for your Victorian Bathroom

The 19th-century belief that chandeliers were only appropriate in the parlor, dining room or living room is archaic. Today, chandeliers … Continue reading


The Edwardian Country House: 2 Styles You’ll Love

If you think of the Edwardian era merely as the nine-year bridge between Victoria’s death and the Great War, think … Continue reading

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Hot Collectibles: Victorian Flue Covers

One spring ritual for the Victorians was to hang a decorative flue cover in front of a room’s chimney opening … Continue reading

This Victorian home's hung gutters catch water as it rushes over the eave (Photo: Jaimee Itagaki).

Home Restoration: DIY Wooden Gutter Repair Guide

Your home’s first line of defense against the elements is its roof’s gutter system. Ask any builder or architect: No … Continue reading


How to Cut Clutter in Gilded Age Style Displays

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To complete the facade, Victorian architect Edward Buckton Lamb removed the Georgian stucco to reveal the original mid-18th-century red brick. (Photo: Susie Kearley)

Victorian Decor Inspiration: Hughenden Manor, Part 2

Hughenden Manor, the former Buckinghamshire home of Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, has changed very little since he entertained Queen … Continue reading

Edward Buckton Lamb (1805-1869), a Scottish architect dismissed by some of his contemporaries as a “rogue Gothic Revivalist,” is now praised for his innovative floorplans, rooflines, gutters and choice of materials. With Lamb’s added Gothic decorative battlements, Hughenden Manor’s roof recalls the extravagant splendor of James Wyatt’s Fonthill Abbey and Ashridge Park. To complete the façade, Lamb removed the Georgian stucco to reveal the original mid-18th century red brick. --by Elaine K. Phillips (Photo: Susie Kearley)

Victorian Decor Inspiration: Hughenden Manor, Part 1

There’s nothing like a trip to Buckinghamshire, UK, to get a flavour of Victorian England. Former British Prime Minister Benjamin … Continue reading

An arbor covered with flowering vines and an ornamental sundial creates a bold focal point for the back-porch view.

Create a Victorian Garden Parlor

When Patty Bigelow landscaped her Long Island property, she wanted to stay true to the style of the main house, … Continue reading

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Get Victorian Style with Authentic Lace Curtains, Part 3

The most frequent question asked by those contemplating hanging Victorian style lace in their homes is, “How much lace do … Continue reading