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After purchasing their 1885 cottage in 1979, Audrey and Vivian Heredia renovated the tiny home, imprinting their personalities into the tiny space--for instance, Audrey painted the honeysuckle vine that graces the wall in this sunroom. For a clever, playful holiday vignette that fits the room's cheery ambiance, a CHristmas tree holds homemade gingerbread cookies in its boughs. (by Merrie Destefano; photo by Jaimee Itagaki)
Each year, the Banning Museum recreates its namesake family's holiday celebration. In this room, faux magnolias are set in a swag atop an Eastlake-style mantel installed by William Banning, the original homeowner's son. (by Candice Yacono; photo by Jaimee Itagaki)
Boughs of fragrant evergreen marry pinecone clusters to create a simple yet elegant garnish on a door lintel in Paul and Joe Cook-Giles' Victorian home. (by Catherine Titus Felix, photo by Jaimee Itagaki)
Chris and Cheryl Lentz fill their 9,000-square-foot home with Victorian details, including this traditional feature tree decorated with vintage ornaments and cameos of each family member. Chris displays this tree in his office year-round. (by Jennifer Myers; photo by Jaimee Itagaki; styled by Merrie Destefano)
Debbie McEwan accentuates the original leaded-glass windows of her 1899 Santa Ana, California, home with a wreath and the antique sideboard with a traditional garland and poinsettia. (by Jennifer Myers; photo by Jamiee Itagaki; styled by Merrie Destefano)
The Woelke-Stoffel House in Anaheim, California, still boasts its original stained glass windows. This one adds light and interest to a staircase. The faux pine and antique bead garlands that adorn the staircase rail echo the stained glass window's color scheme without overwhelming it. (by Meryl Schoenbaum; photo by by Jaimee Itagaki; styled by Jennifer Myers)
The Doctors House Museum in Glendale, California, was decorated for Christmas in 2009 by Gerard Marin, a Hollywood set designer. This parlor's 1877 Steinway, rare for its shape and style of stool, was adorned with greenery and antique Christmas cards. Each December during the Christmas tours, the piano is played by one of the docents; school children and regular tour groups are offered an opportunity to play it throughout the year. (By Rebecca Ittner; photo by Mark Tanner)

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