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Built of redwood, this Victorian farmhouse has gracefully withstood the elements. The front garden boasts much of its original design and trees. In addition to a 100-year-old persimmon tree, there are two orange trees that still generously bear fruit.
The marble-topped table in the corner of the front parlor was made by the owner’s grandfather in the 1920s and holds an 1800s kerosene lamp. The newel post light is from the early 1900s. It would have been put in when the house was electrified, sometime between 1900 and 1910. The mid-1880s pump organ once belonged to her father.
This lovely cranberry glass light, shines above a lawyer’s bookcase that holds favorite collectibles.
The dining room table is not an antique, but its warm wood and simple lines complement the space. The owner brought the antique chandelier with her from their previous home. Her grandmother brought the pine chest with her when she emigrated to the U.S.
The beautiful lace tablecloth and flow blue china once belonged to the owner’s mother.
Part of a set, this antique cruet is sterling on cut glass.
Thesemi-transparent glass-fronts along the top of the kitchen cabinetshint as to what’s inside.
The antique wine cabinet adds character to a kitchen corner. Just visible under the stairway are the cabinets the owner designed to expand storage space in the room.
The antique iron bed adds a touch of elegance to the guestroom. The mannequin in the corner holds a corset that belonged to the owner’s grandmother. The sewing machine is from the late 1890s and was one of the first antiques she purchased.
Located in the guestroom, this dresser adds a simple femininity to the space.
The beautiful claw-foot tub is original to the home. The mirror was discovered at an estate sale. Its large scale opens up and brightens the room by reflecting light throughout the space. The Pullman cabinet is reproduction, but the marble countertop and backsplash were original; luckily found stored beneath the house. The beadboard cabinet was moved here from the original kitchen and added much-needed storage space to the small room.
This downstairs bathroom was an addition. All of the fixtures are original to the home, except for the faucets and tub filler.

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