Afternoon Tea Party, Mary Cassatt. Source: Wikimedia Commons

What’s the Deal With Victorians and Tea?

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How to Restore your Victorian Home’s Curb Appeal, Part 2

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Victorian Decor Tips from Edith Wharton’s Home, The Mount

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6 Tips for Dramatic Victorian Decor

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Georgian style left its mark on Dublin with the city's famous brightly-painted "Dublin doors." (Photo: Thinkstock).

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The entrance to the Imperial Hotel, built in in Torquay in1866.

Victorian Decor Inspiration from Agatha Christie, Part 1

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In the form of size and height contrasts, dramatic flair reigns in the dining room, from the floral arrangements to the wall hangings (Photo: Eric Striffler).

A Victorian Dining Room fit for Dramatic Entertaining

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5 Steps to Design a New-Build Victorian Home

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How to Select a Chandelier for your Victorian Bathroom

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