8 Victorian Easter Collectibles You’ll Love

Collect these now! Here are 8 of our favorite antique collectibles to seek out this spring.


Victorian Easter egg hunt die cut scrap

Victorian Easter-egg hunt die-cut scrap. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


Easter antiques reflect the holiday delights of Victorian children and the festive spirit of the Victorian hostess.  Whimsical and humorous chicks, bunnies, eggs and children found on die cut scraps, advertising and greeting cards are small works of art today.


Ruby glass vase

Ruby glass vase, late 1890s-early 1900s, gold Easter rabbit and “Easter Greetings.” (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


Ruby glassware, ornamental plates, ceramic match holders and large milk glass Easter eggs brought holiday designs to the table and room decor.


wall ornament

Beaded calla-lily design shelf or wall-pocket ornament, circa mid-19th century. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


A beaded calla lily shelf or wall pocket covering is testament to the skill of the Victorian needle.


Silver Plate Easter Egg

Silver-plate Easter egg wheelbarrow with moving wheels and engraved decoration, circa late 1870s-early 1880s, Rogers, Smith & Co., West Meriden, Conn, #157. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


A rare silver plated Easter egg wheelbarrow basket is harder to find today compared to egg cups, napkin rings and souvenir spoons in egg and chick designs.



Victorian match holder

Victorian match holder, boy about to surprise a rabbit before Easter rabbit chase. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


The Victorian hostess eagerly decorated her home and table with holiday themed silver, glass, ceramic, porcelain and needlework.


Easter Dream Painting

“An Easter Dream” advertising card by Woolson Spice Co., copyright 1894. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


Easter crosses (1876) of wax flowers or cross pictures of moss, fern, coral, shells and bark sprinkled with diamond dust were delicate creations to display.


moving bunny shadow picture

Mechanical Easter toy creates a moving bunny shadow picture on the wall, circa late-19th century. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


Rare Easter toys such as an egg and spoon race game or a moving rabbit shadow picture game for the parlor wall delighted young and old.


girl carrying Easter bunny and colored eggs

Easter plate, girl carrying Easter bunny and colored eggs, Vodrey & Brothers, circa 1896-1920. (Photo: Barbara Johnson, Ph.D.)


These antiques allow collectors and enthusiasts to recapture all the flavors of a true Victorian holiday by displaying them in their own décor today.

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Written and photographed by Barbara Johnson, Ph.D., who is the author of Antique & Vintage Fashions, 1745 to 1979 and Valentines, A Collector’s Guide, 1700s-1950s, both by Collector Books. All photographed items are part of her collection.





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