How to Display Victorian Flues & Where to Find Them

In a recent collectible spotlight, we brought you a bit of history on the traditional Victorian flue, used often as decorative covers in front of a chimney opening. Here are a few more ideas on how to display with these collectibles in your home today.



Thanks to their small size, there are a wide variety of ways and places you can showcase these Victorian gems throughout your home. Try these ideas for decorating with antique flue covers:


  • Group them as wall hangings
  • Showcase them as holiday or Christmas-tree ornaments
  • Place them on plate stands or pedestals in table vignettes
  • Display them on shelves or in a bookcase
  • Affix one to the center of a bed’s headboard
  • Liven up a dark corner of a room by displaying them on a small table
  • String them across the fireplace
  • Hang them from the top of an archway
  • Place them on top of an elegant piano
  • Prop them on a desk as you would a family photograph



Where to Find Antique Flue Covers:

To purchase authentic Victorian flue covers, visit local antiques shop, estate sales and auctions. Reproductions can sometimes be found at flea markets, thrift stores, online auction sites like eBay or e-commerce sites like Etsy (check out some of the shops linked throughout the post for more info.




To buy these types of products visit:

By Meryl Schoenbaum

Photography credits listed above




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