How to Find Valuable Antiques at Flea Markets

Do you ever wonder how seasoned antique enthusiasts always seem to find one-of-a-kind treasures?  Laurie Gaines of the West Palm Beach Antiques Festival offers her advice on finding antiques at the fleas.


Flea Markets Antiques



Focus your efforts on specific items, like things you collect or something for a particular spot in your home. If you are looking for a painting or piece of furniture, be sure to measure the area beforehand. Bring color swatches to match fabrics. Carry pictures of what you want; sometimes a dealer will have just what you’re looking for back in his shop–or even out in his truck.


Things You’ll Need

  • List of measurements
  • A tape measure
  • Photos of where the item will go
  • A shopping trolley (to help you get merchandise back to your car)
  • Packing blanket or old sleeping bag to wrap items
  • Bubble wrap for china
  • A hat, sunscreen or umbrella for outdoor fairs
  • Comfortable shoes


Victorian Items to Look Out for

Lamps, silver and jewelry are fairly easy to find. Look for Victorian furniture in the South and Midwest regions. Linens, clothing and quilts are increasing in rarity, as they get more fragile every day. Most shows will have English china from the Staffordshire region or various types of flow blue.


To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate…

Dealers are often open to negotiation, but don’t insult them by offering half their best price. Remember, they have to find the merchandise, clean it, repair it and often carry it to several shows–they deserve a fair profit.


How to Determine Authenticity on the Spot

Look for wear in the right places. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good dealers will willingly share their expertise with you, making you a more knowledgeable buyer. Establish a relationship and tell them what you are looking for in case they come across it later.

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By Malena Jaime

Photography by Bret Gum

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