4 Tips for DIY Victorian Style

Victorian style is elegant, refined, and easy to recreate–you don’t need to invest millions to indulge in old world chic. Give your home a makeover with the following tips.

Vintage Pump Organ

A statement piece like this vintage pump organ will automatically give any room a Victorian vibe.


1. Find the right color scheme. Whether it’s bold or subtle, different aspects of Victorian style can be achieved. A bold color scheme will accentuate statement pieces, while a more subtle approach will provide a good backdrop for showcasing lovely antiques. In addition, it will compliment the ethereal quality of Victorian style.

2. Draw on your walls. It isn’t necessary to splurge on fancy wallpaper–turn to alternative techniques such as ragging and stenciling to achieve period detailing.

3. Give your home the faux treatment. Dark wood and stained glass are characteristics of Victorian style. Faux-grain your woodwork and paint clear window panes to resemble stained glass. Use a paint epoxy for your windows.

4. Finish the look. Visit your local antique shop and scout accent pieces that will fit into your home.

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By Natalie Echeverria

Photography by Mark Tanner

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