How to Create Your Own Ribbon Wreath

Collect and reuse holiday ribbon to create a lasting decoration or gift.


This is a great way to repurpose ribbons from past Christmases, making an elegant decoration for your holiday celebration. Coordinate colors with your Christmas theme or with your home’s interior design to create a festive and stylish seasonal design.



  • A 14” straw or Styrofoam wreath form found at floral and craft stores
  • Approximately 12 yards each of 4 different but coordinating ribbons of varying widths and textures
  • A chenille stem to make the hanger, found at craft stores (looks like a pipe cleaner)
  • About 50 to 75 fern pins, found at floral and craft stores (looks like a long staple or hairpin)



1. First, wrap the entire wreath form with a wide length of ribbon. Attach one end of the ribbon to the back of the form with two of the fern pins pushed at a slight angle through the ribbon and into the form to secure. Then tightly spiral the ribbon, overlapping slightly, and continue to wrap the form to cover, attaching the end with two more of the fern pins, securing tightly.


Create Ribbon Wreath


Create Ribbon Wreath Step one


2. Twist the chenille stem around the wreath to form a hanger.


Create Ribbon Wreath Step two


3. Next, create several bows of various ribbons, with the loops being about the same size. Leave the tie ends as single “tails” and cut the loose ends into a swallow tail. You may also create single loops and tails to fill in between bows.


Create Ribbon Wreath Step three


4. Pin the bows, loops and tails onto the covered wreath form with the fern pins, pushing the pins through the center point of the bow or end of the loop and tail.


Create Ribbon Wreath Step Four


5. Continue adding bows, loops and tails until all but the back surface of the wreath form is covered. The closer the bows, the fuller and fluffier the wreath will appear, but don’t crowd them so much that the wreath looks stiff and tight.


Create Ribbon Wreath Step five


6. Be sure to hang your wreath indoors unless you have used weatherproof ribbons.


Ribbon Wreath on door


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By Cathy Barnhardt, Biltmore’s Floral-Displays Manager

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