The Victorian Art of Flowers

Today the practice of giving flowers is still a welcome tradition, even though the secret coded messages are a thing of the past. The only message that truly counts is that the gift was given with love. Why not embrace flowers every day, instead of merely on special occasions? Here are a few ways to live like a Victorian and infuse floral reminders into your life on special days and days that should be special.

vintage linens-bags for your sachets

Be creative when making the bags for your sachets. Consider using vintage linens—like delicate handkerchiefs—to make a satchel.

  • Sachet: Along the line of drying flowers for potpourri, dried herbs such as lavender, saffron and chamomile can be bundled in sheer fabric bags for scenting clothing and shoes in drawers and closets. Delicate flower petals and blossoms can be added for a sweet fragrance, as well. Scented sachets also make thoughtful gifts for special friends.
Tussie mussie

Be on the lookout when sifting through thrift shops and tag sales for old tussie mussie holders. They make wonderful containers for silk and dried flowers and can be used for unique accessories.

  • Tussie Mussie: A tussie mussie is also known as a nosegay or a posy. They all refer to small floral bouquets often given as a gift. These precious tokens of love and friendship have existed since medieval times. The term originated during the reign of Queen Victoria, between 1837 and 1901. Very small posies became a popular fashion accessory. Jewelry makers fashioned holders from silver and other precious metals. They were small hollow vases meant to hold the stems of a few perfect blossoms. The tiny silver vase could then be pinned to clothing much like a broach. Today tussie mussies are carried at weddings or used as an accessory in the home. Vintage tussie mussie holders are highly collectable but lovely reproductions can be found as well.

Written and photographed by Melinda Graham

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