Victorian Flower Power

This week we’re going to focus on the Victorian practice of giving flowers, and how you can infuse those blooms into your everyday life. Here are a couple of ideas:

Vintage paper

Vintage paper goods are not only a great source of inspiration but they are truly beautiful works of art. Use them as decorative accessories throughout your home as framed art or simply lay them on a coffee table.

  • Vintage Ephemera: Inspiration for living a romantic Victorian life can come directly from history. Use ephemera like that found in old books, cards, postcards and calendars as a muse. Be inspired by the colors, the clothing and the generous use of flowers. Old papers are not only informative—they’re beautiful, as well. Don’t keep them tucked away in drawers and cabinets. Sprinkle them throughout your décor. Then they will offer inspiration throughout the year.
Flowers spill over the spout of this antique blue transferware pitcher

Flowers spill over the spout of this antique blue transferware pitcher. Any vessel that can hold water can be the beginning of a spectacular centerpiece. If floral arranging is a daunting task, simply place one perfect stem in a bud vase.

  • Floral Arrangements: From wild and unruly to small and sophisticated, there is a floral bouquet for every style and personality. Colors can be monochromatic or they can span the rainbow; containers can be made from anything that holds water. Place a large pitcher of flowers on a coffee table, kitchen island or bedside stand. There is always a place and a reason to surround yourself with flowers.


More Victorian floral ideas on Wednesday!

Written and photographed by Melinda Graham

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