Victorian Holiday Wreath Ideas Part II

Decorating for the holidays can be stressful–the following four wreaths are guaranteed to get you inspired and make decorating a piece of cake. Don’t forget to check out Part I for further inspiration.


Rose, WIllow, and Cinnamon Wreath


Nothing says Victorian elegance like roses and willow. Add cinnamon as a finishing touch.


Fruit Wreath


An array of fruits creates a refreshing take on the traditional holiday wreath. Frost makes it appropriate to the season.


Holly and Berry Wreath


Keep it classic with a pretty arrangement of holly leaves adorned with red berries.


Bow Wreath

Don’t be afraid to hang up a simple evergreen wreath. Make it festive with a holiday bow and other embellishments like berries and pinecones.

By Natalie Echeverria

Photography by Bret Gum

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