Discover Christmas at the Doctors House

The Doctors House Museum in Glendale, California, is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the many people who fought to save it—and still decorate it for the holidays every year.



Christmas at the Doctors House


Built sometime between 1887 and 1897, the home is one of only two remaining Queen Anne Victorians in the city. Its architect is unknown, but there is plenty of documentation about its various residents. Named the Doctors House because its first few owners were, indeed, doctors, the historic home endured a gallant, grass-roots restoration and is now a noted landmark.


The four doctors who resided in the home with their families were important to the early growth and success of the city as well as the planning of future ideas and developments. As each one moved on, they sold the home and their medical practice to the town’s new doctor. Their influence can still be seen in the city today. These important early residents were:


•  Dr. Charles Bogue (from 1896-1901). Dr. Bogue purchased the home at the age of 41 and lived there with his wife, Nellie. His rates were 50 cents for house calls and 25 cents for office visits. Dr. Bogue invented medicine for the relief of asthma, known as Bogue’s Asthma Cure, which was still used in World War II.


•  Dr. David Hunt (from 1901-1907). Dr. Hunt purchased the home at the age of 54 and lived there with his wife, Susan, and daughter, Dorothy (Dotty). They were the first family in town to own an automobile. The doctor was highly involved in civic duties—he helped to incorporate the city in 1906 and was involved in the formation of the Union High School District.

•  Dr. Allen Bryant (from 1907-1908). Dr. Bryant and his wife, Josephine, only lived in the house for one year while they built another residence in town. Dr. Bryant practiced medicine in Glendale for 37 years. He was so loved by the city that Bryant Park was named in his honor. Today the home is located in Bryant Park.


•  Dr. Leonidas Hurtt (from 1908-1914). Married to Sarah Pepper, who was 33 years his junior, Dr. Hurrt was a chemist from New York and did the most renovations to the home of any occupant before him. During the years they lived in the home, it was known as the “Showplace of the City.” The grounds flourished and included orange and lemon groves, a fig patch, rose garden and pepper trees. The Hurtts relocated because they found the home too large to maintain.

Every Christmas, volunteers decorate the beautifully restored Doctors House Museum in true Victorian style. For more information, visit


By Rebecca Ittner

Photography by Mark Tanner


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