Furnishing a Victorian Guestroom

While contractors busily adapted his 1878 Queen Anne to his 21st century lifestyle, homeowner Chris Mullen indulged one of his passions: hunting for the ideal lighting and furniture to bring his Pasadena home, Mansion Adena, back to life. “It’s all about finding the perfect piece that completes a room,” he says.


guest bedroom



When it came to outfitting the guest bedroom, he knew exactly what he wanted: a four-poster Biedermeier bed. The style was produced from 1815-1848 and has a very distinctive, almost modern look, with its use of clean lines and blond wood often complemented by ebony accents. Original Biedermeier pieces are very expensive and hard to come by, so Mullen felt he had little hope of obtaining one.


But when he saw the exact bed on an episode of “General Hospital,” he thought that maybe the quest wasn’t so impossible after all. As the assistant director for “The Young and the Restless,” Mullen used his connections to track down where the bed was purchased. Fortunately, the store was close to his work, and the shop filled with wonderful Biedermeier reproductions, including the fabulous four-poster bed. Although it was still expensive, Mullen thought the bed worth the splurge.


The result? With its soaring ceiling and dormer windows, the guest bedroom is the perfect spot for Mullen’s impressive Victorian reproduction bed. The simple brass chandelier that hangs above the Biedermeier four-poster is original to the home. At the foot of the bed sits a petite Empire loveseat, a fortunate thrift-store discovery that makes for the perfect spot to cozy up to the fireplace, seen below.


guest room fireplace


The guest room fireplace has wonderful jewel-tone tiles depicting birds and berries, a style popular during the Aesthetic Movement in the late 1880s. The hearth is done in geometric tiles in a diagonal pattern. The mantel’s simple, curved lines complement the impressive tile work and complete Mullen’s dream guest bedroom.

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By Karen Van Alstine

Photography by Mark Tanner



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