How to Make a Steampunk Time Capsule

Now that you’ve learned all about how Steampunk books and films became Neo-Victorian design, get in on the fun by creating your own Steampunk-style time capsule with this easy project by jeweler Brenda Mattson.


steampunk time capsule

“Steampunk Time Capsule” by Brenda Mattson; visit (Photo and design by Brenda Mattson).


What you’ll  need:

• One round vintage tin container

• An old pocket watch with a metal face

• Clock gears

• Sandpaper or Dremel fitted with sandpaper or grinder bit

• E-6000 glue, which bonds metal and dries clear

• Jeweler’s pliers

• A small flat-head screwdriver

• Small metal wing charm

• A soft cloth


How you’ll do it: 


1. Take apart the pocket watch, pulling off its face. Find one of the three pins that hold the watch face to the movement. Use the flat-head screwdriver as leverage to pry off the pin. Repeat with the other two pins.

2. Remove the pins from the back of the face to get a flat surface. Use the pliers to tightly grip each pin. If you spin the face as you hold the pin, the pin will pop off.

3. Scuff the tin’s surface with sandpaper or a Dremel bit that grinds or sands. Also scuff the surface of the back of the pocket-watch face. Rough surfaces help the glue to adhere.

4. Cover the whole surface of the back of the pocket- watch face with glue. Be careful not to apply the glue too thickly. Press the pieces together. Wipe off any excess glue immediately with a soft cloth.

5. Scuff the back surface of each wing (the side you will adhere to the pocket-watch face). Glue this roughened side to the top of the pocket-watch face.

6. Complete your time capsule with a clock gear. Scuff the bottom of the gear, apply glue and place the gear in the center of the pocket-watch face on top of the wings. Press tightly together. Depending on the aesthetic you desire, consider topping off the gear with another smaller gear or a pocket-watch crown. The possibilities are many, depending on your creative taste.

7. Let the piece sit for 24 hours to let the glue set up with a full bond. Fill with special little treasures. Your capsule is ready to accompany you on your next time-machine adventure!


For more Steampunk craft ideas or to purchase Brenda Mattson’s work, click here. To learn more about Steampunk decor or to hire a professional Neo-Victorian designer’s help, click here.


Project and designs by Brenda Mattson

Produced by Elaine K. Phillips



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