6 Steps to Clean and Repair Your Victorian Gutter


Your Victorian home’s first line of defense against the elements is its roof’s gutter system. Ask any builder or architect; NO matter what it’s made of, if the roof fails, the structure fails. A roof captures rainwater; if it cannot shed that water into gutters that channel the water away from the structure through spouts, the roof will become damaged. Follow these six steps to clean and repair rotten wooden gutters.


Victorian Home Gutter

This Victorian home’s hung gutters catch water as it washes over the eave.


1. Use a round-edged rubber spatula to clean all debris from your gutters.

2. Inspect your gutters’ lowest points, including their joints. You will find the most damage wherever water and mud can settle.

3. Use a teardrop scraper to dig out any rotten wood.

4. Fill the empty space you’ve just cleared with Durabond. Smooth out the Durabond shortly before it dries.

5. Once the Durabond has dried, cover the entire inside of the gutter with roofing tar.

6. When the Durabond is still wet, press fiberglass mesh into the tar, then repeat Step 5. Let dry.


By Eric Hollenbeck

Photography By Jaimee Itagaki

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