The Key to a Light Contemporary Victorian Room


If you’re a modern homeowner with a flair for the Victorian, fear not! It is possible to get that Victorian style you crave while maintaining a lighter, more contemporary feel. Let the colors of your room dictate the weight you desire with these simple tips.

Light Contemporary Victorian Room

By choosing a neutral color for your walls, you can create Victorian flair while maintaining a light and breathable living space.


The Look: With families spending more time at home due to a weak economy, it has been rediscovered as the center of a personal and family retreat. Homeowners want to create spaces that foster a sense of optimism and calm, prompting a more minimalist trend for bright, clean colors coupled with neutral backdrops. It’s an easy way to bring about a dramatic change with only a small investment of time and money.


Bring it Home: Many historic homes—Queen Annes, for example—were originally a kaleidoscope of colors. Today’s trend offers an option for fewer colors on both the exterior and interior. Ornate verandas that once had five paint colors now have only two or three. Parlors that once had four or more types of wallpaper often have simple color schemes that allow for a wider range of decoration and easier upgrading.


By Robert Schweitzer

Photography by Mark Tanner

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