The Halloween Hauntings of a Victorian Home


Halloween season: It’s that time of year when the ghosts of old come out to play. Have you witnessed spooky events in your own home? Then, you might join the ranks of more than a few Victorian homeowners. If your home’s stories are similar to this one, you may have a an authentic haunted home for the holidays!

Victorian Halloween Haunted Home

While there are no visible poltergeists from the curb, Karen and David Bateman’s Victorian home is one of a few haunted homes in Garfield Heights, California.

There is the spirit who steals. There is the specter that sprints up and down stairs in street shoes instead of sneakers. And there is the phantom that plays hide-and-seek with cat toys.

Karen and David Bateman, had, of course, heard all these spooky stories, but they never thought their new Victorian would join the ranks of haunted houses in their Garfield Heights Landmark District.

Then a friend who has a psychic side came to visit. She was relieved to know the house was a new Victorian so she wouldn’t have to worry about spirits going bump in the night. But the next morning the friend said, “Are you sure this is a ‘new’ Victorian? Last night I heard the sound of children playing. They were wearing Victorian clothes and bouncing a ball on something hard.”

It took them a while to figure out what was going on. “I told her that in Victorian times, there never was a house on the property, only a street,” Karen says. Then the friend said, “That’s it! The kids must have been haunting the old road!” It was official. “My house has joined the Garfield Heights haunted-house club!” Karen said.


By Nancy A. Ruhling and Elise Portale

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Karen Bateman and Rebecca Ittner

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